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VILLANUEVA International HK Limited is a unique company Performing a Key Role in Meeting the World's Energy, Infrastructure, and Resort/Real-Estate Development Needs. VIHK commits its capabilities and resources to champion win-win funding approaches that Boosts and Advocates for Project Implementation from both the project developers'/clients' and investors'/venture capitalists' perspectives.

Our Services

Our Projects

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Villanueva International HK Limited broadens and intensifies its reach, enhancing its sphere of support for Asia's developers.



Cleaner, more reliable, and cheaper! Villanueva International HK Limited is actively involved in developing LNG facilities through project funding, project planning, and implementation/construction in Asia.  VIHK is also involved in oil and natural gas exploration.


There are vast water resources spread throughout every country in the world except for a few.  Villanueva International HK Limited supports and actively facilitates the application of new, flexible, and technologically advanced hydro power plants in over 20 HEP projects in Asia.

Wind Energy

Villanueva International HK Limited supports and actively works the requirements of onshore and offshore wind power project funding and development in Asia.



The growth of novel geoengineering technologies will enable us to utilize the abundant coal resources without compounding environmental problems.  Villanueva International HK Limited is involved in sustaining the utilization of this energy source while mitigating global climate risks.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Villanueva International HK Limited understands the foundational need by small to large companies to combine their productive endeavors or expand their high-yielding capacity through merging with or acquiring another business.  VIHK is in an excellent position to be an active proponent and boost the likelihood of an M&A process.

Resort & Real Estate Development

Governments are actively promoting a strategy of energetic and massive "build-up" stimulating developments in both private and public sectors. In line with that, Villanueva International HK Limited actively champions and assists businesses in the development of resorts-based hotels and communities. 

Active Equipping and Funding Projects

"Hydroelectric Power Generation capacity with an aggregated total of over 500 MW, including small, medium, and large Hydro."


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Ready to find out more?

Contact Villanueva International HK Limited today for a free, no cost professional consultation.  Just send a quick note and tell us how we can help you and we will do our best to find the best solutions for you.  If you are looking for a funding source for your  projects, new products, searching for a manufacturer, looking to expand your business or find a new way to ship, package or get paid for what you do, do not hesitate to contact Villanueva International HK Limited.

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